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PrestaShop is the open source ecommerce CMS dedicated to the development of merchant sites, which allows you to create an online store easily.

Launch an ecommerce site by installing our solution and start selling online now.

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What is an ecommerce CMS?

A CMS (Content Management System) is a software program that allows you to create, manage, and publish a website. An ecommerce CMS is a solution that allows you to create and manage the content of an online store from a single interface: product pages, shipping system, online payment, marketing tools, etc.An open source solution refers to software whose source code is made public.

Anyone can change the appearance, content and features of their ecommerce website. Thus you have access to edit all existing files in order to develop a custom ecommerce platform: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL.

With PrestaShop you have access to an ecommerce software program to deploy your business’s online shop and start making sales online.

Why choose PrestaShop as an ecommerce platform?

Our easy-to-use ecommerce CMS is designed for creating and managing your online store as well as centralizing all your actions:

  • Customize your future ecommerce site with our responsive themes adapted to mobile navigation
  • Grow your sales with an unlimited choice of features that can be integrated thanks to the modules available on our platform
  • Optimize your store for SEO
  • Keep increasing sales online with a solution that adapts to your growth

Create a beautiful merchant site and establish a user journey that your customers will enjoy with the PrestaShop ecommerce solution.

An ecommerce CMS adapted to the size of your online business

PrestaShop is used worldwide and helps businesses of all sizes to grow. Our online store management solution is fully adaptable to your needs and those of your customers.

As it is modular, the PrestaShop ecommerce CMS is also suitable for more technical developments for businesses with more demanding specifications. Thanks to our open source solution, you’re free to create the ecommerce website you’re dreaming of.

A quick learning curve

Once the ecommerce CMS is installed on your host, you can start creating your online business by easily importing all the products you want to sell on the web.

Customize your web pages and work on SEO to attract your first visitors.

Set up a shipping system; install a payment system from one of our many trusted partners like PayPal to provide a smooth and secure shopping experience

A CMS optimized for SEO

Improve the SEO of your site with our optimization modules and responsive themes, greatly appreciated by search engines.

With the PrestaShop ecommerce solution, you have control over all the key levers to improve your visibility on Google.

Create HTML pages with polished content, optimize and insert quality product images and promote your business to reach your future customers.

Increase your sales with ecommerce

You can choose to upgrade the features of your PrestaShop ecommerce website with our modules and extensions, which you can download for free. Only pay for the features you really need to sell online.The use of PrestaShop does not depend on a monthly subscription system. You can choose to enhance your ecommerce website with the best marketing tools and services at any time, from PrestaShop Marketplace.

Search by filters

Your future users will instantly find the products they need thanks to the search filters: size, color, price, brand, etc. All criteria are customizable and allow you to offer a variety of categories.

Simple and intuitive navigation

Offer your customers responsive navigation with our themes. Benefit from customization options and a professional design in your business’s colors.

Installing features

Install new features directly from your back office and activate them with a single click so you can improve your site’s performance, SEO, and conversions. There is sure to be a module or an extension that suits your needs.

Advanced statistics

Get an instant overview of your online sales activities right in your back office:

  • Turnover
  • Top-selling products
  • Number of visitors
  • And more

Make the right decisions for your business by leveraging the analytics data that matters to your business.

Ecommerce CMS GDPR

Our ecommerce CMS is designed to comply with the general data protection regulations in force within the European Union (GDPR).

PrestaShop community

When you create an online store with the PrestaShop CMS, you are not simply accessing a platform: you are joining a community of users focused on mutual aid, ready to answer all your questions about the development of your store or online sales techniques.

PrestaShop offers a dedicated business helpline to support you. Visit our blog dedicated to ecommerce and discover the latest marketing techniques and tools to enhance your sales strategy and optimize the management of your online store.

Discover the features of our ecommerce CMS, try PrestaShop now!
Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between an open source CMS and a SaaS solution?

A « software as a service » SaaS solution is software stored in the cloud. The software is maintained by the publisher who is in charge of hosting and all the management of the hardware and middleware, in exchange for payment or commission.

Examples of SaaS platforms: Shopify, Wix, Wizishop, etc. In contrast, the open source CMS offers more flexibility regarding customization and the addition of features; you are free to develop your ecommerce website (or not), and you truly own your website/online store.

Example of open source CMS: PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce by WordPress, etc.

Are online sales profitable? Which business and products should I choose?

Yes! Nearly 300,000 merchants rely on their PrestaShop online store every day and make a living from their ecommerce business.

Before you start creating your ecommerce website with PrestaShop’s open source solution, you need to find the right products to offer to the right customers.

To be successful in selling your products, you need to make an offer that satisfies a demand. Get that offer right, set your prices, implement a good marketing strategy and watch your sales take off.