Top 10 modules to optimize the customer experience on your online store

An online store is much more than just an online catalogue: it's a browsing experience for your visitors and a buying experience for your customers. They will have an opinion about your shop and your brand even before they receive the items they ordered: was the website clear and well organised? Did the pages load quickly? Was the product information complete and well presented? 

We have selected a number of modules available on the PrestaShop Addons Marketplace to help you find the answers to these questions and help you maximize your conversion rate through an improved UX (User Experience). These modules should be able to help you...

For a user-friendly and customisable homepage

1. Mega Menu PRO
If your shop's navigation menu is a little boring, this module gives you access to a wide range of customisation options and useful features to make your customers' browsing experience a whole lot easier. It can also help you to organise your catalogue.

2. Home Products PRO
This module helps you organise your homepage. It allows you to showcase certain products or categories in different formats.

3. JoliSearch
A substitute internal search engine that provides access to advanced features, allowing you to direct customers to the items they are looking for and boost your conversion rate.

4. Pop Promo
This pop-in can be set up and personalised in just a few minutes, so you can immediately draw your visitors' attention to your current special offers, sales and flash sales and thus improve their effectiveness.

Top 10 modules to optimize the customer experience on your online store

To provide clear and well-organised product pages

1. Advanced Custom Fields
You no longer need to write dozens of code lines to add a custom field on your PrestaShop. Create new fields in just a few minutes and display them on your product sheets, category or order pages. 

2. Product Icon Pictograms
They say that a picture paints a thousand words. This module will convince you by proposing pictograms and icons to be added to your product pages, to allow your customers to quickly locate their key features.

Top 10 modules to optimize the customer experience on your online store

3. Magic Zoom Plus
As its name suggests, this module allows your customers to enlarge your product images to a very large size, and to zoom in on their details in order to facilitate their purchase decision. 

For a quicker shopping experience and smooth order processing

1. Image Toolbox
Improving your online store's speed involves image optimisation: with faster formats and efficient, high quality image compression, this module preserves the quality of your images while improving your site's loading speed.

2. Ultimate Cache Page
In addition to improving your shop's images, you will also be able to optimally reduce your site's loading times with this page cache management module; a simple and complete module that will boost the speed of your online store in no time at all.

3. Google Address Autocomplete
This module has been designed to reduce the time it takes to place an order by making it easier to enter the delivery address. A correct and directly accessible address with just one click will not only save your customers time, but will also drastically reduce the number of typing errors.

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