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The PrestaShop Day 2024 – as if you were there

A recap of a day full of meetings, innovations, experience sharing, expert talks, and advice.

Double-Digit Growth in France

The day began on a positive note. Éric Sénéchal, CEO of PrestaShop, spoke to us about the observed growth in ecommerce. In 2023, global ecommerce revenue increased by 9%, and by 10% in France. According to experts, this growth is expected to continue similarly until 2028, as confirmed by the indicators for the first quarter of 2024, with an average French basket value nearing €70 (+2.7%).

To support this growth, driven by more ecommerce sites (+10%), PrestaShop positions itself as a success accelerator with efficient services designed to maximize conversions: PrestaShop Checkout with PayPal, which generates up to 95% acceptance, PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo, showing up to a 58% increase in ROI on email campaigns, PrestaShop Hosting to boost site performance by up to 50%, PrestaShop Shipping for comprehensive delivery options, and innovative payment solutions like installment payments with Alma and Mastercard Click to Pay.

"We are convinced that we are the platform to support the growth of e-merchants and meet all challenges. A model that guarantees full control of costs, data, and assets."
Éric Sénéchal, CEO of PrestaShop

Optimistic E-Merchants

The positive note continued with the ACSEL barometer, presented as a preview by Vincent Montet. Despite a bleak context, merchants are confident. 38% of them expect increased revenue, and 48% expect it to remain stable, confirming their willingness to invest. 64% do not see the crisis as a barrier to investment. A new development is that business leaders now include environmental impact and second-hand markets among their growth drivers.

This optimism was widely confirmed throughout the testimonials from e-merchants at the PrestaShop Day!

Dammann Frères: An Inspiring Site

Mathilde Abgrall, marketing and communication director at Antadis Group, and Sébastien Guinoiseau, retail and digital director at Dammann Frères, discussed their 10 years of collaboration and their latest project: a new site to reinvent brand experience and inject new dynamism. For this redesign, they decided to capitalize on PrestaShop's back-office and free up creativity with a faster and more SEO-friendly front office thanks to a headless architecture.

Thus, the concept of a lifestyle magazine site was born to increase the desirability and authenticity of the brand, encourage browsing, and offer recipes, editorials, and decorations. The goal is now to awaken the senses, immerse the user in the cup, and offer a virtual, therefore visual, tasting experience.

The deployment is gradual and A/B tested over three months. Results: +34% SEO traffic, +18% revenue in the first five months, reaching €4 million.

For a visit, click here!

Cornilleau: A French Success

Once again, it's a 10-year collaboration between Cornilleau and Agence 123, which has been supporting the famous ping-pong table brand in its ecommerce development since 2014 with three interfaces: BtoC, BtoB, and spare parts, and the international launch in 2019 (UK, USA, and Germany).

The story continued in 2023 with the launch of play-style.cornilleau.com, dedicated to high-end products, and the graphic redesign of existing sites around a new brand platform.

2024 looks just as busy with the ERP overhaul, which will eventually enable the entire ecosystem of 10 stores to evolve, generating €10 million in online revenue.

PrestaShop at the Heart of Magimix's Digital Transformation

Magimix's story of kitchen robots spans over 50 years. The brand launched its first ecommerce site "without sales option" in 2018, allowing buyers to register their products for a welcome gift. This was followed by a second store in the UK in 2020, a third in Australia in 2021, and finally in the Netherlands in 2022. The company also digitized its internal processes with sites dedicated to fair sales, spare parts management, and product exchanges.

"PrestaShop has been the driving force behind the company's digital transformation, shifting from a traditionally retail-centric vision to a consumer-centric one."
Geoffroy Franqueville, CMO of Magimix.

Today, the online store is part of a true omnichannel strategy with a unified database that allows the purchase history to be known both in retail and on the site, providing the best value proposition to the customer. Finally, to optimize direct sales, the brand opted for human interaction, with one-click access to an online advisor to answer questions, guide, and finalize purchases.

LGDJ: A Successful Migration Story

With Arthur Mayrand, digital and innovation director at Lextenso Group, and Matthieu Delgrange, CEO of 202 ecommerce, it’s a technical discussion.

LGDJ, the largest French legal bookstore with a specialized catalog of 60,000 references, launched its first site in 2002 before migrating to Magento in 2014. However, following the acquisition by Adobe, the pricing policy changed and no longer matched the company's economic model, whose selling prices are regulated.

LGDJ had to consider a new migration, knowing that the existing site was satisfactory, meeting the expectations of both customers and internal teams. A real challenge met by 202 ecommerce, which recommended PrestaShop.

Five months later... it works! Internal teams have discovered the benefits of integrated modules that simplify tasks, such as Colissimo. The order level, at 200,000 per year, remains stable, customers appreciate the new interface, and URLs are maintained at 100%. The SEO agency's feedback is also noteworthy, as there are no optimization recommendations - a first! For LGDJ, who is competing with Amazon and FNAC, SEO is a major challenge and the only way to stand out.

Jolimoi: Community Influence

Jennifer Fiorentino, co-founder and digital marketing director at Jolimoi, introduces us to a unique project: the first social selling platform.

What is it about? The model is based on a network of independents, social sellers, who recommend products via social media and offline workshops, suggesting personalized beauty routines for a fee. These stylists are recruited, trained, and equipped by Jolimoi. Some work occasionally, while others work full-time, generating between €200 and €25,000 per month.

Today, Jolimoi has 70 brands in its catalog, including major groups like Estée Lauder or SVR. They also have a community of 10,000 stylists and generate over €2 million in revenue.

A BtoBtoC project supported from the beginning by PrestaShop, which teams customized to offer relevant tools to stylists, such as a diagnostic tool to suggest affiliated products based on the client's profile or a loyalty program that rewards purchases and referral actions. Tomorrow, the translation module will allow Jolimoi to start its deployment in Europe. First stop: Spain!

More Inspiring Stories

"I will not be his father." The "Darth Vader" condom created buzz and success for Callvin, a brand of personalized condoms that, in 2005, produced 200 prints per week in its year of creation. Today, they produce over 10,000 per day! Callvin, whose growth has been driven by the BtoB market (80% of revenue), now aims to conquer BtoC and exports.

"PrestaShop allowed us to manage a multi-pricing model, integrate efficient modules tailored to our business, and customize."
Stéphane Calleja

For ImpressionLin, it started with a blog where Karelle Drapier, its founder, talks about beautiful materials. From advice to sales, the step was taken in 2008. Since then, PrestaShop has supported its evolution with new solutions over time to optimize payment, delivery, SEO, and tomorrow, marketing… with a wish: a second-hand module connected with the purchase history in an RSE approach.

To discuss Satellite Paris, a jewelry brand, Pauline Herbinet, former marketing director of Aquarelle, detailed how, with 20 physical stores in France and abroad, and an ecommerce site generating 20% of its revenue online, the brand plays the omnichannel and multiple journeys card.

"My projects with PrestaShop: redesign the site with a creative universe closer to the stores to unify the user experience, migrate to 1.8 and develop marketing automation."

MMA and Entrepreneurship: The Same Battle!

Pawel Visor, CMO of PrestaShop, introduces Thomas Glot, a professional athlete and co-founder of All in One Engineers. In an inspirational sequence, Thomas talks about failure and emphasizes the importance of not thinking of defeat but learning. He believes in the mantra of "Win or Learn" and understands that the goal is not the fight but the journey. He also discusses the significance of setting target objectives and measuring performance, which is a rule he applies to both his high-level sports practice and his entrepreneurial project.

PrestaShop Day is also an opportunity to bring together experts to discuss innovations and best practices.

AI and Ecommerce

How to integrate AI with ecommerce challenges? Baptiste Guiraud, an SEO trainer and enhanced writer, and Abdelilah Halim, acquisition director at Orchestra, a children's clothing brand, tackle this topic. Together, they discuss how Large Language Models (LLMs) work and their applications for ecommerce.

They mention various applications such as rewriting product sheets with Claude 3, creating product comparators, working with data using Mistral 8x7, generating newsletters, translating content, optimizing store locator with Gemini, using Google Ads with ChatGPT, checking and correcting code with Codestral or GPT-4o, improving consent rates with attractive messages, boosting CRO with Clarity Pilot, improving internal linking with Screaming Frog and OpenAI, and automating customer feedback analysis… and more!

AI, your best ecommerce ally?

A year ago, a new generation of AI entered our lives. In this ebook, we look into how AI applications can help ecommerce companies grow and succeed.

Download our white paper

Marketing Automation: A Growth Factor

Anne-Cécile Marchal, agency partnerships manager at Klaviyo, and Thomas Pedegaye, founder and CEO of EmailClub, present the benefits of automation using a concrete case, Les Laboratoires de Biarritz.

Les Laboratoires de Biarritz is a marine-based cosmetic care brand distributed in pharmacies and organic stores across 35 countries. To improve customer relations and boost conversions, they decided to simplify their processes, reduce the number of tools used, refine their database, and optimize their flows. These objectives were largely achieved, with automation contributing to 43% of revenue (compared to 10% previously), including 17.5% from newsletters. These results have motivated them to expand automation to SMS and develop a loyalty program on Klaviyo.

The 10 Commandments for Success During Sales

Yann Costes, sales & marketing director at Evolutive agency, and Philippe Daly, VP France & partnerships at Mollie, a European payment and financial management solution, discuss the topic of sales. Together, they offer 10 key tips to optimize online sales, maximize revenue, and retain customers during sales periods:

  • Check your hosting to handle increased clicks
  • Personalize the customer journey
  • Offer payment methods suited to your targets and markets (cards, transfers, BNPL…)
  • Manage your data, analyze conversions, audit your site (CRO)
  • Integrate installment payments to increase your average basket
  • Optimize multi-currency payments
  • Display delivery times and methods early in the customer journey
  • Offer a frictionless checkout
  • Refine marketing automation scenarios
  • Choose the right partners to support your growth, including marketing and CRM, logistics, subscriptions, accounting and ERP, and payment solutions.

Transform Payment into a Competitive Advantage

At the end of the purchase journey, three experts in the field of payment, Guillaume Demier (Senior Director Partnerships at PayPal), Marie Cipriani (Product Manager for Digital Solution at Mastercard), and Adrien Debbah (Head of Sales at Alma), discuss the payment expectations of online shoppers: ease and security.

Ease means being able to pay in your currency using your preferred payment method, including electronic wallets (Google Pay and Apple Pay are being integrated into PrestaShop Checkout). It also means offering installment payments, which have a positive impact on average basket amount and conversion rate (1 percentage point increase in conversion equals two percentage points increase in revenue).

On the security side, data shows that consumers want to maintain control. For example, 47% of transactions are made via Guest Checkout, without creating an account, which is a growing trend (+11%). This trend paves the way for Click to Pay or one-click payment. This uses tokenization, where a card number is transformed into a token, making the payment process simpler, faster (saving 20 seconds during checkout), and safer. It is expected to become a standard by 2030. Since January, it has already totaled 6.5 billion transactions and has been adopted by many pure players like Sézanne.

See you in 2025 for the next edition!

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