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Optimize the search bar to boost your online sales

In the motley world of online commerce, an ecommerce site's search bar is not just a simple element. This often overlooked feature serves as the bridge between your products and your customers' specific needs. Optimizing this feature is crucial for every online store to transform simple visits into sales opportunities. In this article, we'll explore why the search bar is so important to customer navigation and review some best practices for maximizing its effectiveness.

The search bar's strategic importance in boosting online sales

An online store's search bar is much more than a convenient tool, it's absolutely vital to improving conversion rates. In fact, customers who use the search bar often show stronger purchase intent and are more likely to convert than those who just browse through menus.

Many studies confirm that visitors who use a website's search feature are much more likely to make a purchase. Designing the search bar well is also crucial. In two separate ABTasty case studies, minor changes to the search bar led to significant increases in engagement and conversions on ecommerce sites.

Claudie Pierlot has increased the visibility of its search bar by simply adding the word "search" next to the icon. This minor change increased the click-through rate by 47% and the conversion rate by 7%. Similarly, IZIPIZI has integrated a social-proof element on its product pages that shows the number of people who've purchased each item. This seemingly benign change boosted the "add to cart" rate by 36%!

These examples highlight the effectiveness of targeted search bar adjustments to improve the user experience and drive sales.

Best practices for a search bar that converts

1. Enhancing results with images

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the ecommerce world. Integrating images into search results helps users make informed choices faster.

By viewing the product directly, the customer can immediately see if the item meets their expectations. This feature helps reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

2. Sorting results by category

Allowing customers to filter search results by category significantly improves the user experience. This feature is especially useful for sites with a large inventory. It allows users to narrow down their search and find the perfect product without feeling overwhelmed by too many options.

3. Displaying stock status

Integrating information such as availability into search results is another best practice. This feature allows customers to immediately know if the product they want is available, avoiding frustration and wasted time.

It's a simple but effective way to increase transparency and develop your customers' sense of trust.

4. Indicating available sizes

For sites that sell fashion items or other products that require selecting a size, displaying the available sizes directly in search results can greatly improve the shopping experience.

By presenting sizes in the first search results, your customers will thank you for saving them multiple clicks to check if the size they need is available. This simplified process reduces the number of abandoned carts and increases conversion rates, making the shopping journey both more efficient and enjoyable.

Search and filters modules

Allow your visitors to find the product they are looking for easily.



An optimized search bar is much more than a technical improvement to your PrestaShop site, it is a valuable business strategy that directly influences sales. By adopting these best practices and taking advantage of the tools available on the PrestaShop Marketplace, you'll improve your user experience and also significantly increase your conversion rates. The search bar is your biggest ally and turns visitors' interest into concrete and profitable actions. Don't underestimate its power and be sure to optimize yours for the success of your online store.

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