5 content tips to increase conversion rate

Optimize your product content easily to increase your conversion rate using these easy steps

When we are talking about increasing the conversion rate, many think that it is a very complex SEO process, but you can take the first steps yourself easily. Let us ask you a question first: What will you do for your shop CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)? Do you think you should change or optimize your front-office theme? Or maybe you need expensive advertisement campaigns? How about Google ads? These are all important, but there is something that most merchants forget, the “content”!

What is conversion rate in ecommerce?

In simple words, it means converting your website visitors to your buyers and customers. When a user reach your products on your online store (like finding you from Google search, external links, banners…) you should give them what they are searching for including complete details about it.

When visitors can find what they want, you will have more chance to receive an order for your products from that visitor. Therefore, you have converted your visitor to a customer successfully. Now that you know about CRO let us see how you can optimize and increase your conversion rate and boost your sales.

What are the 5 tips to leverage your conversion?

You can do many things for CRO. You can find some tips on PrestaShop blog or other sources. What we are going to tell you is how to create great content for your products to increase your conversion rate. Please be aware that your product contents like your product short and full descriptions are the most important part you need to focus on.

Keep your product title short and precise

The first thing your visitors are going to check is your product title. If they think the product title is what they are looking for, then you have a chance that they click on your product. In addition, if they search for a product on Google and your shop is listed, they will first check your Meta title and decide to click or not.

Based on our research, Google shows 50 to 60 characters of your titles on search results. Therefore, we suggest you to set your title to 70 chars max.

When we say your title should be precise, it means it must include important details about your product. For instance if you are selling the “Lenovo Y50-70” laptop, your product title should be like this:

Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop 15.6” 4K Core i7-4710HQ 512GB SSD

You killed two birds with one stone! Not only had you drawn your visitors’ attention, but the search engines as well. You will get much better SEO rankings if you modify all of your products titles in this way.

Do not forget short description

Unfortunately, most merchants forget about filling the product short description. They think it is not important but they are wrong! Your product short description is very important since it is a connecting bridge between your product title and your product full description. Based on product title and short description, the visitor decides to read your product full description or not.

If you have any important notes about your product, write it on the first line of the short description. Moreover, include brief details about it. For instance, a short description for “Lenovo Y50-70” laptop could be like this:

“The best economic choice for professional gamers – Save money, Go pro”

Display 15.6” 4K

CPU Core i7 4710HQ series

Ram 16GB


Now you have taken the first steps, the other three steps are all about product full description.

Make sure your product description is easy to read and understand

In most cases, the visitors of an online shop are not scientists. Therefore, you are not going to write a scientific article about creating a space shuttle! Please bear in mind that your product full description should be easy to read and understand and of course attractive. 

You should divide your description into separated paragraphs and you have to set appropriate title headings and sub-heading for it. If you write the whole description without any paragraphs, it will make your visitor tired of reading and it increases your bounce rate. Do not use advanced words too much since it makes it hard for your visitor to understand your details.

We mentioned you should use headings and sub-heading. It means you need to use <h2> to <h6> tags inside your description. Do not use these H tags for non-important titles. Using these tags have their own standards which you can find using Google search. If you use them correctly, they will help you to have a more easy-to-read description, decrease bounce rate, and improve your SEO rank.

There are some methods which tell you how easy-to-read and understand is your article. For English texts, the Flesch Reading Ease method is one of the most popular ones. Some online tools and modules calculate Flesch score for your text. In addition, they show you your text Flesch Kincaid Grade that shows your text is understandable by an elementary school reader or a higher education one.

Important note: do not use the same heading tag as your product title inside your product description. For instance, if your product title is “Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop” do not use exactly the same title inside your description.

Use links, images and videos

You can make some internal linking inside your description. It is very important for SEO to link your internal pages together. For instance, if you have an article about different CPUs you can link the “CPU” word inside your product description to that article. Moreover, you can suggest the visitor to read your article about “Differences between CPU generations” as well.

Using attractive images inside your product description is also very important. If you use images inside it, you have a lot more chance that visitors continue reading your description. It means you keep them in your site for longer time, decrease bounce rate, and high chance to increase your conversion rate. You should also insert short and meaningful alt text for your images.

Videos are for the winners! Insert related videos inside your product description if it is possible for you. Videos can magically increase your conversion rate because they are very interesting for visitors. Since they cannot touch product in an online shop, showing them a video of that product will give them a very close feeling to touching it.

For instance if you are selling a mobile phone, you can prepare an unboxing video from that phone. Do not worry; you do not need to prepare videos with professional and expensive cameras including special effects! You can make your videos with your mobile phone camera as well.

Final step: keywords planning

You should consider that search engines are too smart. When they crawl your site, they will search for two things between your product descriptions:

  1. Words Density
  2. LSI Keywords

Words Density: means how many times you have used the same word inside your text. When you are writing your description about a mobile phone, you should use related words about that mobile phone more than other words. Therefore, search engines understand that they should pay more attention to those words in that page.

LSI Keywords: the LSI Keywords stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords”. It means that not only you should take care of words density, but the related search keywords as well. The LSI keywords are not synonyms of a word. Look at this example:

You have a product with title of “Brand X mobile phone”. If you mention the word “cell phone” inside your product full description, you just used a synonym for “mobile phone”. It is good for your on-page SEO but it is not LSI keyword. The LSI keywords for your product title would be:

Brand X mobile phone price

Brand X mobile phone 32GB

Brand X mobile phone full HD

The bold words are the LSI keywords for “Brand X mobile phone”. Actually, it may look a bit hard to find LSI keywords for each product, but there are some online tools and modules, which suggest you these words automatically.

By using these keywords inside your product full description, you help search engines to understand the general topic of your page and it will incredibly improve your SEO ranking.


Creating advertisement campaigns without following these steps, tips and standards means wasting your money and moreover your valuable time. If you think it is hard for you to follow them, we have a good news for you. Check SEO modules on the PrestaShop Addons Markeplace. 

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