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Since 2012 we have been undermining the status quo in search of effective solutions. We provide increased visibility, traffic and conversion. We believe that in order to achieve success in the e-commerce industry it is necessary to combine several key areas, such as the selection of the appropriate marketing strategy, or well thought-out optimization of user experience in the store, i.e. correlated SEO activities with UX design (SXO). We must also not forget about the reliable and regular analysis of the activities, which is for us a powerful compendium of knowledge for further development.

We perfectly understand that every marketing activity should lead to an increase in revenue, therefore we always focus on the effective implementation of the objective. By creating SemcoreLAB – a place for effective innovation management – we discover, test and implement solutions that have unique value propositions. The idea of SemcoreLAB is to create effective technologies that increase sales on the Internet. Thanks to cooperation with universities we use the potential of young talents, which develop under the supervision of the greatest experts in our industry.

We believe that going beyond the horizon of current solutions is the only way to initiate progress, so we can confidently say that we are changing the face of modern e-commerce. Only in synergy of actions we are able to effectively design sales growth. At Semcore we are well aware of this fact, so establishing cooperation with PrestaShop is a turning point for us.

Between 30 and 60

Completed PrestaShop projects


  • Content Management
  • Design & UX
  • E-commerce Consulting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising)
  • Website Optimization

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